Property Management - Leasing, Sale of Real Estates.
Accredited Support Company

Treuhand Klaus Krahe KG
Rellinghauser Str. 334D
45136 Essen
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The company was founded in the sixties. In the beginning it dealt with support service. This work extended to the management of real estates, which became the main focus of our today` s activity.

At request of our customs we also deal with the procurement of purchase and sales. As consultant we support them to make decisions to buy.

Since July 1st 1988 Klaus Krahe is owner and manager of the company, who is also general partner of the limited partnership. We dispose of management experience for decades of years, so today about 2500 units are managed by a high qualified team of 7 employees in an area around Nordrhein-Westfalen and basically in the Ruhr area.